Letter F (Executive)

Age: Early 30's

Body type: Average build medium natural chest, slim

Description: Well versed in the industry. Has a demure personality. Always manages to smile and has been popular with customers since she started. Very low level of English so not recommended for VIP room or take out unless you speak thai. She may seem a bit slow at the start but this is due to hey style, she is not a run in run out type of staff. Has worked for us for quite a while but did not want pictures of her self on the site until now.

Wood bar recommendation level 8.4/1

Letter N (Executive)

Age: Early 20s

Body type: normal build, small natural chest, white skin. Clean Young New

Description: She is one of those people who is naturally happy all the time, never stops smiling. Low level of English. Definitely knows how to provide a good level of service for such a new member of staff and considering her age. A real star in the making. She will need to work for us for about a year to be our top lady to gain regulars but I can tell you, if from her start, her looks and her personalty we have the top top lady in the industry in the making. Has a very keen sense of dress also. Likes to wear really different style clothes all the time.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 8.2/10

Letter Z (Executive)

Age: early 20s

Body type: Very slim, small natural chest, very white skin.

Description: Despite being a quiet person she is one of our busiest ladies. If you like your ladies very slim she is the one to choose. For my person tastes, I do not go for the slim types, not my style but I can tell you, she is so cute so small and so slim, she in my opinion is pretty. Meaning, no matter your type, she she is cute. Service wise has had no issues, has repeat customers, always has a smile on her face, one of the knowing smart smiles, not a crazy grin. Has a low level of English but is trying to learn more, she is still young.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 8.5/10

Not recommended for take out, highly recommended for all in house services

Letter K (Executive)

Age: Early 20s

Body type: Medium height and slim, white skin, small natural chest .

Description: Low level of English, she has a quiet demenour but seems to have a lot of repeat customers and I say without a doubt our most popular new lady, so she must know what she is doing. Came from another similar business but left due to the way they treat there staff, mainly her, as she was there biggest taker. Never made sense to me, treat your staff well and all is well, even worse to treat your number one staff as bad as it seems things have been. This is another story, as like 3 or 4 of our ladies, if you wish to see her and her friend that came with her, booking ahead really makes sense. Service wise just the total amount of customers she has got, even with us, means she must know what she is doing but I can tell you her looks do carry her more than service. If you are service only based person, then we have others that would suit more.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 8.2/10

Not recommended for take out but is committed to customer satisfaction so can do all in house services very well

Letter S (Executive)

Age: early 30s

Body type: Slim and very shapely, slightly tanned skin, very nice medium sized bolt-on chest.

Description: Medium level of English, she became very popular very quickly due not only to her very good looks but also her devotion to customer satisfaction. Our oldest Executive which translates into her service knowledge. She is lucky and has kept in her age some great younger looks also. I would recommend if you wish to see her to come at a later time. When she first starts in the day she take a bit of time to warm up but when she does it is great.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 9.00/10

Good for take out due to her easy going nature and will go anywhere with her customer to make sure they are happy. Only works wit men.

Letter D (Executive)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Very slim and shapely, medium length hair, very distinctive tattoo on her left shoulder.

Description: She has very expensive bolt-on chest which appear very natural to the look. Extraordinarily good looking face. Speaks very good English. Medium toned skin. She has that sultry look which is very alluring. She may be new to Wood Bar but is very very experienced within the industry. I put her as number 1 we have ever had with such a short time frame. She is also number 2 overall best lady we have had since opening. As with any lady like this, they don't usually stay working in one place for long, even though we have had very good luck with this type of lady staying for a long time, so if you are interested get to us while you can.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 9.3/10

Highly recommended for VIP room and take outs as she has a very outgoing demeanor, enjoys night clubs and bars and as previously mentioned speaks very good English.

Letter U (Executive)

Age: Early twenties

Body type: Light skin tone, medium chest, tall slim and very shapely.

Description: Was new to the industry when she joined us and proved our reservations wrong about her ability to adapt by quickly becoming one of our most popular ladies. Not only good looking for the most but very good service to match. Is not a big talker but has made friends with all the staff, which shows she is a nice person also. Would recommend her more for a new customer due to her soft sweet and amenable approach

Blus Spa recommendation level: 8.6/10

Not recommended for take outs but very comfortable with all in house services.

Letter T (Executive)

Age: Early 20s

Body type: Very small and petite, light skin tone, small natural chest. Cute overload

Description: Came from a similar establishment so is very experienced and she is the youngest that is allowed to work in this industry, so the place she comes from maybe needs a slap, I will write no more. Has a playful nature and gets on very well with customers and staff, which means she gets picked regularly. Has already had compliments from her customers. I recommend if you want to take her to get the best out of her come in with a smile not Mr. over the top serious and I own the world, as if you do this, she is a real shinning light that will beam with grins and make you feel really welcome, more than most.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 8.5/10

Although highly recommended for the standard 30 minute service, she is not a good choice for VIP or take out.

Letter R (Executive)

Age: Early twenties

Body type: Shapely with all the curves in the right places and a pretty face to boot.

Description: Low level of spoken English. Has a shy demenour but this does not deter her from providing a high level of service to her customers, earning her several accolades and several repeat customers who come back specifically for her.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 8.7/10

She is equally comfortable with in house service or take outs, due to her quiet nature prefers to stay in the hotel/apartment as opposed to going out.

Letter F (Executive)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Medium to white skin colour, medium natural chest, slim with all the right curves.

Description: Low English, but hey who needs English that much for our main service. Very pretty face in real life. She has been with us for a while and was popular right from the start. This may have been initially for her looks but is definitely now for her attitude and high quality of service. She has that real married young lady next door look. This is her first time in this industry but shows no signs of not knowing it or being good at it.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 9.1 / 10

Equally good for VIP room and take outs.‏ Likes to stay in the customers room if taken out.
Good for take out, she enjoys bars, restaurants and especially night clubs.

Letter C (Executive)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Small in height, white skin, medium sized chest

Description: Speaks reasonable English. She is one of those people who exudes a positive attitude in her every day life and this translates into her attitude towards her quality of service. Shows genuine concern that her customers leaves satisfied. She is not the most bubbly but jumps into action when needed. Been with us for a small amount of time and is getting on with the job well. This is her first time in the job but had no problems with getting strait in.

Wood Bar rating: 8.6/10

Good all round performer for VIP, or standard service. If taken out likes places with music.

Letter I (Executive)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Medium to dark Skin, medium height, overweight to soft build, medium chest

Description: Good English, smart, Good for VIP room. She is a very bubbly lady, always got something to say or have fun with not only the customers but other staff and staff in other places. I would not say in my opinion one of the better ladies in looks and maybe not even in service but she is a busy lady mainly by xpats and people who are very regular to us. She wins them over with her dark eyes and crafty smile and the fact she is professional

Wood Bar recommendation level 8.9/10

Dose takeouts. Works with other staff, Likes to party when taken out.

Letter W (Executive)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Medium height, white to medium skin, medium build, medium to large chest

Description: Very good experience, good English, fun bubbly lady and Professional always busy, she is sort of well known from another place and even brought customers with her, so she must be better than we thought at the start. Good for VIP and gets many bookings for that. She has that walk and attitude, like a pro in this job has from many years work. She knows what she is doing.

Good for takeouts and VIP rooms. Will work with other staff, Smart.

Wood Bar Recommendation level 8.6/10

Letter G (Executive)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Medium height, Dark skin, medium natural chest

Description: The best in experience, good English, fun bubbly lady and Professional always happy to see customers. I would say our number one Executive for service standards

Good for takeouts and VIP rooms. Will work with other staff. All round a great strong women.

Wood Bar Recommendation level 9/10

Number 6 (Regular)

Age: Late 30's

Body type: Medium Skin, medium height, medium chest, medium build.

Description: Good English, good experience, 10+ years in the job and knows her way around. Great reputation and offer many other services when VIP. She must be popular because when she moved from her place before she worked in to us, she brought with her a long line of regular customers.

Wood Bar recommendation level 8/10

Can be taken out and also works with other staff, couples, single customers, recommend in the VIP room as well.

Letter X (Executive)

Age: Late Middle 20's

Body type: Medium to white Skin tone, short to medium height, soft body type, medium chest.

Description: Medium English, very good lady, good for VIP room, She is very very popular and I do not have any idea why. From the second she walked in the door, she jumped to top 5 lady sometimes number 1 lady. A customer goes to the room comes down pays leaves and comes back again for the same lady sometimes the same day. She is raking it in, 100 crazy busy. I need to find out why, as she is not good looking or anything and how from day one customers knows she gives good service. Even to this day, I can not tell you 100% she gives great service as no one has given me feedback but she must do as they just keep on coming back for her.

Wood Bar recommendation level 8.9/10

All round good lady not just for in house but for takeout also

Letter B (Executive)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Short, medium to white skin, slim build, medium natural chest

Description: average experience, average English, has that girl next door look that seems to do well sometimes. Very smart, slow, clean lady. little bit mature for her years maybe

Good for takeouts and VIP rooms. Will work with other staff, and has many friends here.

Wood Bar Recommendation level 8.8/10

Number 7 (Regular)

Age: Late 20's

Body type: Tall and robust, medium skin tone, average sized natural chest.

Description: Low level of English. She may not be the best looking lady we have at the Spa but through her commitment to customer satisfaction she is one of the best service providers working for us. If you like the more strong women's women, a lady that can take hold of you and make sure you stay with them then she is for you. She is actually in real life a quite shy person but we have been told all that goes away once in the room. She also has the option of working with couples and both genders which makes her popular as in the Spa. Also she is not a women that likes to work shifts, she works almost all day every day which is a sign of 2 things, 1 she either enjoys her job or 2 is professional to the end or maybe a bit of both and in any case, its a good sign.

Wood Bar recommendation level: 8.3/10

Fine for take outs. She can work with men and women. If taken out likes eating in restaurants, plus drinking in bars or night clubs.